The sailing and high-speed motor yacht industry pushes the envelope of faster, bigger, better. Because designers are regularly being challenged to outperform past successes, hydrodynamic performance predictions become a critical factor in mitigating risks and achieving success for projects with enormous stakes. This requires a broad range of expertise, facilities, and technologies.

Oceanic offers its clients access to the world's most accurate yacht dynamometer, state-of-the-art software technologies, world class experimental facilitates, all aimed at helping meet the clients' needs.


From preliminary analysis to comprehensive physical modeling programs, Oceanic can provide a range of services to assist in the development of clients’ designs.

Numerical Simulation

The complex relationship between a structure and its environment is essential to understanding marine performance. Benchmarked and validated against full- and model-scale data, simulation technology allows for design evaluation flexibility unheard of a decade ago.

Physical Modeling

By creating accurate scale models and simulating real-world environments through state-of-the-art research facilities, techniques, and technologies, Oceanic proves and improves clients’ concepts and advances designs through solid scientific analysis.